The viral pub mix of Lana Del Rey’s” Summertime Sadness” made it a sleeper reach.

Lana Del Rey cut through the wonderful dance-pop tone of the 2010s with a melancholy, artistic poetry that matched her pungent words. Alternatively of looking towards modern looks like most of her women peers, Del Rey became known for celebrating 50s and 60s American pop culture, romantic Lolita- inspired styles, and Hollywood’s Golden Age in her songs.

Lana Del Ray A. K. A. Lizzy Grant, the singer’s album song, was independently released in 2010 by the song. The next time, the viral success of her” Video Games” one led to a record deal with Interscope. And in 2012, she reshaped her picture as the” Gangster Nancy Sinatra” with her main- brand album Born To Death.

Talk to Lana Del Rey’s” Summertime Sadness” today.

Featuring a blend of journey- hop, classical pop, and extravagant visual melodies, Born To Kill had five singles that defined the first stages of her mainstream career:” Video Games”,” Born To Die“,” Blue Jeans”,” National Anthem”, and” Summertime Sadness”. The first stood out as one of the movie’s more upbeat music, but songs like” Got my poor child by my holy side/ I know if I go, I’ll kill happy tonight” kept it balanced.

The bittersweet nature of” Summertime Sadness” was amplified by the music video. Jaime King and Del Rey were the stars of the movie as a few who end their pleasure by taking their own lives. Its dramatic plot was depicted via common Instagram filters at the time, and was directed by King’s then-husband Kyle Newman.

But 2013 saw an ironic turn of events: French property DJ/producer Cedric Gervais remixed” Summertime Sadness” into a beautiful ballroom anthem, transforming Del Rey’s fatigue into the same music styles her song previously avoided. Nevertheless, the success of Gervais ‘ remix was hard to ignore. His version reached the top. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Del Rey’s biggest single to date.

” After the success of my track ‘ Molly,’ a lot of people asked me to remix big artists”, Gervais told Billboard of the remix. ” To me, it’s not about the money, so I turned down a lot of people. However, Lana Del Rey entered. I simply said, please send me the vocals right away, and I did the song in a day. I just love and respect the artist that she is, not whether or not it would be a hit.

Since then, Del Rey has released numerous Top 10 albums and received numerous Grammy nominations. Her nostalgic sound also became a Hollywood go- to, with Del Rey recording” Young and Beautiful” for 2013’s The Great Gatsby, a cover of” Once Upon A Dream” for 2014’s Maleficent, earning a Golden Globe nomination for her eponymous theme song to Tim Burton’s 2014 biographical drama Big Eyes, and covering” Season of the Witch” for Guillermo del Toro’s 2019 film Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Del Rey has also continued to release music for songs about the warm weather. Following” Summertime Sadness”, she’s released 2015’s Honeymoon single” High by the Beach”,” Summer Bummer” featuring A$ AP Rocky from 2017’s Lust For Life, covered Sublime’s” Doin ‘ Time” for 2019’s Norman F***king Rockwell, and covered George Gershwin’s” Summertime” a year later.