Showtek, who many have come to recognize as an influential force in the electronic dance music society, are making a 360° switch back to their prevalent roots after releasing their new song, 360 Blue.

The song consists of 15 songs, starting with” Darling Demanding” featuring Earl St. Clair, which they released late last year as a love letter to the style in which they initially released songs back in 2003. Another partners on the new album include Zany, DJ Isaac, Sub Zero Project, Steve Aoki, Wildstylez and Radical Redemption, among people.

” After taking a 12- time break from the genre, we have reignited it with fresh gained experience, a new approach, more older but also Showtek”, the duo gushed in a statement. ” Melodic, anthemic, and with a message. This is substantial- power”.

The French fraternal trio of Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen have established themselves as pillars of EDM for the past 20 years, and Showtek has two talents. Popular collaborations like the immensely popular” Booyah” ( with We Are Loud and Sonny Wilson ) only scratch the surface.

Though distinctive in its prevalent makeup, 360 Blue continues Showtek’s concept of naming songs after major colors. Viewers saw this pattern emerge with 2023’s 360 Yellow, which was heavy on their great room house tone. The couple intends to relieve 360 Red later this month.

” After producing a variety of styles over the last 20 years, we felt it was time to pack each style into its own key shade in the’ 360′ project”, they explained.’ 360 ‘ tells and captures our story of being more of an all- round act, having toured around the globe multiple times, and showing our love, passion, dedication, and appreciation for all the genres in the electronic music space. It’s difficult to just stick to one thing or genre because DJing allows you to interact with many different cultures around the world.

” As a human you grow, you develop, you broaden your horizon, or just look at things differently. It’s crucial to incorporate that into your music as well. Different music is made for different moments, and scenarios. Festivals, clubs, venues, sports stadiums, radio, beach, road trips, etc. We want to highlight the diverse passions for various styles under one roof.

You can find 360 Blue on streaming platforms here.

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