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Igor Vasiliev has released NoInputMixer, a new iOS and macOS ( Apple Silicon ) app that explores the wild and fascinating world of hardware feedback.

Igor Vasiliev’s NoInputMixer software for iOS/macOS was released last year, emulating the hardware device strategy No Input Mixer. A very entertaining experimental audio app with governed drones and noise.

Then, you can download type 1.2 with some big new features. The makeover of the UI, which makes it more logical and straightforward than before, is what is most crucial. Smart, you can succumb to the earlier design in the software options.

Additionally, there is a new option to return the channel’s characteristics to their default settings.

Igor Vasiliev even added a number of new drone and sound presets as an additional benefit to explore the factory content. Additionally, he fixed a few small insects.

For existing customers, the novel NoInputMixer 1.2 update is now free to download.


Content From September 15, 2023

Players are constantly trying to discover new looks. They are experimenting with new equipment, such as new effects and transmission routings. It was also discovered that you could produce sounds without a message from an instrument in this never-ending process. Using a straightforward sound mixer, feedback is provided.

No- type mixer is a technique that is frequently employed in empirical music. I first saw it in the music strategy at a Simon Grab performance. He creates bombastic, entirely controllable drones using a large mixing console. I have linked a film from Zurich Modular 2019 below. Igor Vasiliev, best- known for its exploratory programs, brings this amazing technique to ipad and macOS.

No- Type Mixing

Chinese empirical composer Toshimaru Nakamura experimented with plugging table outputs into inputs, creating feedback loops, as a traditional research. And with the proper layering, you may tune and sing them like an device.

The method is not that easy. The sounds that come out of the blender are frequently instable and unexpected. So the same principle applies as with any device: practice, practice, practice, and learn what is possible with the method.

NoInputMixer App

NoInputMixer is the innovative apps from Igor Vasiliev, known for his Synthscaper, Fieldscaper, and many other empirical programs. By detailed modeling an analogue mixing console and effects racks, the innovative app perfectly captures this approach. Making the wise choice to include effects straight in the software allows for a wider range of sounds and effects.

It has eight games and a seven-channel blender and an effects plate. Each effect slot can be used to attach FX into a mixer channel or to pair send/return buses. Results has an alternative for hi- re or lo- fe sound processing

Therefore, each mixer channel houses its own analytic generator for the various noise types that can be found in the comments signal. You can also use it independent. No inputmixer allows the creation of various kinds of feedback loops by switching between several points in the sign paths. You can also connect it to an exterior input for any network to use it as an influence processor.

If you use a technology blender, you are limited to the interior features. Most of them are pretty easy. Igor Vasiliev’s imitation offers these more. You get preamp pipe types and modes, diverse op- device types, or also adjust the overloaded protection circuit.

According to Igor, the user interface may be presented in the form of a traditional mixer or as a second channel’s full control.

AUv3 Plugin

It’s hardly a typical noise machine or Synthesizer. If you’re looking for synthwave areas, you’ve come to the wrong location. Below you find unnerving soundscapes, sci- bi timbres, strnage sounds, disrupted signals, buzzing drones, problem elements, and more.

NoInputMixer is a common app for both ipad and macOS. It is compatible with Macs and MacBooks with the M1 chip ( and later ) as well as iPhones and iPads. Support for Inter App Audio ( IAA ), Audiobus, Ableton Link, and AUv3 is also onboard. Full MIDI support is provided with MIDI CC.

Simon Grab Interview

Following his achievement at Zurich Modular in 2019, I spoke with Simon Grab again. He explained his preferences for input songs and his equipment setup.

Second Idea

No type mixing is a interesting method for good design. I’m pleased to see that Igor has now applied this novel method without using a blender to iOS and macOS. If you use the app on your iPhone, you actually have it in your wallet. Great discharge.

Igor Vasiliev’s NoInputMixer is currently on sale for$ 15 or$ 99. The purchase includes both the iOS and macOS ( Apple Silicon ) version with the AUv3 plugin.

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