MixChecker Ultra is the second type of Audified’s MixChecker line, simulating more than 90 headsets, screens and conditions.

New York, NY ( June 21, 2024 ) —MixChecker Ultra is the third and most fully featured version of Audified’s MixChecker series, simulating more than 90 monitors, headphones and listening environments. It’s made to function with your studio monitors or headphones, and it comes with an IR load so you can add your own impulse responses.

MixChecker Ultra’s system simulations include 21 properly- known studio monitors—with names and images that imply their identity—plus models of different TVs, laptops, smartphones, earbuds, headphones, vehicle and consumer sound systems, and more.

The plug-in also allows you to add sound to the simulated devices, including exterior atmosphere, car background sounds, and others, to enhance the authenticity of how a mix will sound under various listening conditions. For each gadget, you can move on replicated distortion.

Usage is simple with MixChecker Ultra, which runs on Mac and PC. Switch between the simulated equipment or examine it to your initial by pressing the central Bypass box after instantiating it in your DAW or sound writer. The Mono switch allows you to move to stereo, swap channels and turn the phase, and more. Additionally, switches are available to control the background noises and distortion.

Audified MixChecker Ultra.

A collection of specified Listen Organizations that display 10 products at once are included in MixChecker Ultra. The options include Monitor Tryouts, Consumer Devices and Common Reference Devices, among individuals.

Additionally, you can make your own Listen Group settings. You can set up MixChecker Ultra to switch between one and the future device after a user’s specified time period, in addition to clicking on a specific device.

But that’s only part of the operation. Additionally, MixChecker Ultra has an analytics section that allows you to display five distinct compact meters.

Universal Audio LA- 6176 — A Mix Solution of the Week

The Gonio show shows radio- phase differences. The peak-to-short-term noise amount is used to represent the dynamic variety. Over time, Momentary and Integrated LUFS are displayed in Loudness, along with templates for streaming service and other listening goals. The Stereo package displays the speed distribution of audio between left and right.

The Spectrum component provides a spectroscopic analysis that can be used to evaluate the player module’s performance against a reference track. The former allows you to A/B the research audio with your mix and accepts WAV or MP3 research audio. You can simultaneously show five Analytic modules in a considerably larger size, or any of them at once.

MixChecker Ultra sells for$ 149 and offers a 30- day free trial.